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About me

My interest in psychotherapy began in the 1980’s when I undertook group and individual psychotherapy at a challenging and difficult time in my life. My experience of that process helped me to make important changes and to begin to feel very differently about myself. This is what ultimately led me into training to become a psychotherapist to provide what I hope will be a similar experience for others.

I work integratively drawing on psychoanalysis, attachment theory, child development and the latest research into the brain and interpersonal neurobiology as well as my original trainings in person-centred counselling and Transactional Analysis Psychotherapy.
I am also particularly interested in the impact of childhood trauma and have a diploma in trauma therapy.
Professional Qualifications

I have been registered as a psychotherapist with the UKCP since 1997.
I have an M.Sc (with distinction) in Psychotherapy from Middlesex University, (1997).
I am a Certified Transactional Analyst with Clinical speciality, (Institute of Transactional
I gained my Counselling Diploma in Person-centred Counselling in 1992 from the Metanoia
My most recent training was in Trauma Therapy and I have a post-graduate Diploma from the Naos Institue (2018).
I have studied psychoanalysis and undertaken my own psychoanalytic psychotherapy and psychoanalytic and Jungian supervision.
I am also supervised by a body psychotherapist to support my work with trauma.
I have studied attachment theory with the Bowlby centre and complete between 50 and 100 hours of Continuing Professional Development each year with a variety of professional organisations and people.

Areas of Specialism

Although I have worked successfully with many different issues over the years, for
me it is the uniqueness of each person and what they bring to my consulting room
that is my abiding interest. I think it is not uncommon for us to understand quite
a lot about our difficulties: to have a good idea of the roots of the problem, and
even what we need to do to resolve them, but still find ourselves feeling powerless
to change. These stubborn patterns of emotional distress or self defeating behaviour
are something I have considerable experience of working with.

Do contact me if you are interested in what I have said and think it might be for you.
Call: 07899 774 575

Psychotherapy and Counselling for
Forest Hill, Sydenham, Crystal Palace and Dulwich,
South East London


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